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    We need your sample files



      We need your sample files


           We're always trying to make FileMaker Go show off your solutions better.

           To help us, we're looking for solutions you've designed specifically for FileMaker Go. If you have any that you'd like to share with us, please private message TSFalcon with a brief description of the file.


           *any files sent to us will be kept confidential

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               TSFalcon is a frequent poster in the Report an Issue section. You can find a post by him, click his name and that way get a screen where you can send him a Private Message.

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                 Can you give more information.

                 1 ) How are the files going to be used ?

                 2 ) Is this still something that filemaker needs?

                 3)  Is there a time period.

                 4)  Which this may go back to question 1, but how is this going to show off my solutions?

                 I'm sure there are several developers willing to share a demo of a file they are wanting to market / sell, so It would be very helpful for more information, so everyone knows what filemaker is looking for.


                 Stacy Chamblee


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                   S Chamblee:

                   Thank you for your post.

                   The intention is not to promote your solution.  We are looking for "real world" customer files that we can test.

                   FileMaker, Inc.

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                     Thanks TSGal for the reply

                     The original post is misleading. "Show off your solution better"

                     I still don't understand why filemaker needs my database, unless someone is stealing my ideas and work. 

                     1.  Users report issues and sent sample files with the issues to filemaker.

                     2.  Other Users and myself have given basic samples to other on this forum to show how to do to certain things.  No, not a full application.

                     3.  Users and myself have made feature request to help Filemaker to make Filemaker a better product.

                     4.  This makes about as much sense as me asking filemaker for copies of their software to test and review so I can take their ideas and use in my  own products.

                     No thank you I think I will keep my ideas and hardwork for myself.

                     Stacy Chamblee


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                       By getting a better picture of how different users are creating working solutions in FM GO, they can better plan for the next version of FM GO and thus "show off your solutions better".

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                         In my opinion they don't need a copy of my databases to do that.  All they need to do is look at feature request.  I know you (Phil) on your Post "An old dog learns new tricks", you mention a few items they need to address.  I don't mind giving information to help others and or making filemaker go a better product by providing information, I just don't think they need my database to do that.  Go needs things that my databases doesn't do, for example the auto capitalizing the first letter.

                         Items I think Go needs to be better.

                         Auto Caps
                         Detect if the layout is in Landscape or Portrait
                         Add more stencils
                         Ability to sync databases
                         Disable/Enable Keyboard from script and to set to number or alpha by script and the keyboard should default to number in a number field.
                         Ability to select just camera or signature without all options appearing - set option by script.

                         This is just a few, first to come to mind.


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                           I think that they would find both useful and doubt that there is much in the way of "proprietary info" in how a given FileMaker DB is designed that can truly be "stolen" but you are welcome to disagree! wink

                           How different parts of the system design fit together as a whole and the design choices we make of one option over another would, I think, be very useful to a design team trying to evaluate and prioritize what new features to incorporate into a future version of the project.

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                             The guy that invented the bubba teeth, which is a basic idea (maybe even a dumb idea) that anyone could have came up with,  is a multi-millionaire.     The easier you make it for someone to get into your field the more competition you create for yourself, which is less money.   I prefer to keep competition to a minimum without giving away my ideas.  Ford build motors and Chevrolet does too, but I bet Ford doesn't sent Chevrolet a Ford engine to copy or vice versa.  I'm sure they could learn a lots from each other design.  

                             I still think the best way is to use something such as the "feature request" and then use a survey with the top choices from those request and let the users vote.  


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                               They did promise to keep submission confidential. And I did indicate that Feature Requests are also necessary. But I think looking over actual working designs can also be helpful.

                               FileMaker solutions are "snap together" solutions of standard menu options. Thus, unlike "bubba teeth" it is very difficult to impossible to prove some innovation is your intellectual property. That said, I shared a couple of solutions with them that are pretty generic though still illustrate a number of ways to get FMGO to work, but I have another one in development that I probably would not have shared with them even had it been a functional example at the time...

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                            Stumbled across this posting just now - I recognise the request is 18 months old.

                            The reaction of schamblee is understandable, I think, but I have a slightly different slant on it.  I can see that if we all sent FM Inc our files they could form a very good impression of how we are using-abusing-and-misusing their product, and that could only help product development.  But as schamblee asks, I can't see how that is better (indeed I think it was be very much less time efficient) than reading our posts, bug reports, and feature requests.  But what I would need to buy into the request is tit-for-tat: FM are the one company that won't tell us developers anything.  Not what will be in the next release, not even when it will be.  Not when a bug will be fixed, nor any timeline for features.  Not even a heads-up that the whole file-structure is about to be changed - yet again - so "maybe you might want to tip off your prospective, and very recent, customers to that..."?  They do not do it merely by oversight (and I can think of no-one outside MI5 and the FBI who is so ridiculously secretive), but by a very strong company policy.
                            As you say, Phil, their product provides a 'snap-together toolbox' for others to make with it what they wish.  Their product almost 'only works' when it meets a developer.  It is indicative of their attitude to their customers that a highly-profitable company, that in many respects relies heavily on legions of developers for their market, treats us like Public Enemy Number One, to be trusted with nothing, distanced from, and spoken to largely in Company-Speak cut-and-paste responses.  People who have a close relationship with FM Inc often bleat back that the rest of us should lighten up and appreciate how small the Development Team actually is, but sometimes I think they are pitching for the Reverse Turing Test - 'interact with a small number of highly intelligent people who are as committed to a subject as you are, and see if you can tell if the response is actually from a computer.'

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                              it is very difficult to impossible to prove some innovation is your intellectual property

                              This is not exactly true.

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                                It is in the context of a FileMaker design technique. Any number of developers could have come up with the same idea independently and concurrently. Proving that this is "your" intellectual property in a court of law would thus be quite difficult to do.

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                                  If they just retitle your work and sold it then it may not be difficult to prove.  That is not the problem, but as PhilModJunk states it is the techniques that get stolen and is impossible to prove, which is the reason I don't really like sharing my databases.   Get a trade magazine (specialized in one area) and look how many companies advertise there software in one issue.  There 100's.   I can't get the code from all those companies, to see if they stole my code and Filemaker Databases are going to be somewhat similar in look and technique.  How many ways can you make coffee?   My technique may be a little faster or does something a little different.  This little technique can set me apart from my competition.

                                  I don't really think this was a good idea in the first place.  Each developer usually specializes in one type of business.  I can create all kinds of databases for all kinds of businesses, but when you spent 1000s of hours developing one type of database for one type of business then that database will be sold more than others.  So Filemaker is going to use their employees and learn each type of business and then learn my database so they can use it  properly.  This would be a major waste of their time.  I deal with customers that use my databases everyday and I get their feedback that I can pass alone.   What other reason would they need my code if they aren't going to use the database?  I know they don't have the time to use every aspect of every database and if they don't use it, it would be a waste of time.  The ideas I want to give away, I will by helping people on these forum by creating very simple sample databases or by telling users how to do something, but I will not send out my database that I have 1000s of hours invested.   Filemaker doesn't need my simple sample databases, if they do they can download from the post like any user.   I don't think FMI really though this through, because it would be a major waste of their time, if they weren't in it for stealing code.  I'm not saying they were, just making a point.  

                                  If FMI will listen to their customers,  review the posts on the  forums, sent out some random surveys and review the feature request, then they have all the tools they need to make super great products with out having their customer code.  

                                  One last note:  I would rather have FMI spend time making Filemaker Go an excellent products then wasting time reviewing my databases, for a couple of my techniques.  Their developers, I'm sure have more experiences in Filemaker than I do.   I really think they have better things to do with their time.    

                                  Ok, I'm stepping down off my box now, next.smiley 

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                                    The techniques you use could be considered a trade secret at best. What your solution actually does for the user can be unique IP. This really only happens in niche markets though where the uses are very specialized.

                                    There was nothing insidious about the original request. FMI wanted to see what hard work you did to make Go do something useful with the intention of making common things done by everyone easier to do in future releases.

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