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Web viewer always displays mobile site

Question asked by MikeHarshbarger on Jun 13, 2011
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Web viewer always displays mobile site


I am trying to get Filemaker Go display Mapquest's normal site.  If I create a Web viewer object and put in the mapquest site (, it always takes me to the mobile site and I want to go to the normal site.  I know it's not mapquest that is doing it, because I can go into Safari on my iPad and type and it takes me to the regular site.  I tried using Set web viewer, and I get the same result.  Filemaker Go is prefixing my URL will "m", changing to  I need ideas on what to try to get around Filemaker Go insisting on forcing me to a mobile site.

I found out that Filemaker was doing this by using Open URL and putting in, then selecting Open in Safari, and Safari shows on the URL line.