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Web Viewer and Filemaker Go 11

Question asked by fabiuz on Dec 10, 2012
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Web Viewer and Filemaker Go 11



     recently I have added a couple of web viewers on my FM11 database, they work fine on my computer but when I use them on my iPhone I have a couple of strange behaviours that I cannot fix/understand:

     1. one of them has text coming from a table field, when I touch it to scroll, sometimes it is not able to scroll even if interaction is enabled. Often when I touch the web viewer, it will disappear whit a soft animation that seems "coded". 

     I have no events for this and it should really not disappear. If I am able to scroll it a little bit then it will not disappear anymore.


     2. I have also set a web viewer with no content: a script will create the html to show and will put it inside. Using filemaker go, the content will not load: I have a refresh icon on the top right side but nothing is visible. To fix this I have set a page to load in the web viewer settings and by doing so, it will load correctly the page I have set in the script.  Even here, when I touch the screen, the content will disappear and for some reason the page is then reloaded and I am able to touch and scroll.


     Do anybody here have and explenation of why this happens or have some suggestion about how to solve these issues?

     Thanks a lot!