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    Web Viewer grayed out with Refresh icon



      Web Viewer grayed out with Refresh icon


      On iPad, there is an unappealing gray overlay that appears about 1-2 seconds after content load in the web viewer. Tapping on the viewer makes this go away. Has anyone experienced this, and is there a way to avoid it? I have content I don't want users to interact with in some cases, and in any case, I don't see the benefit of this overlay. Screenshot attached. 

      Many thanks!

      Michael Ashley


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          I recently experienced this as well, but don't remember it from before when I first began revising my solution to work in Go. No answer yet, but I agree that it is annoying. In my solution, I use a web viewer to pull up location map from Google. The map won't even load until I click the grey overlay.

          I do know that there there is an option to disallow interaction with the web content, and I tried toggling that to see if it made a difference. It did on Pro, but seems to be ignored in Go. And it didn't affect appearance of the refresh overlay.

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            I never noticed this until I read this post! :) Yep, there it is on my FMG solution using the web viewer. I as well do not see the reason for this.