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Web-viewer Cache?

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Jan 17, 2012
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Web-viewer Cache?


Is there any way to enable the web viewer in FileMaker Pro (Go) cache or remember information from the user's last visit?

Here is what I have.  I developed an application to use on the iPad for legislative tracking.  Part of that application allows the user, via a web view, to see the House and Senate calendars.  On a computer, via a web browser, when a user goes to these calendars, they select options of which calendars they want to see.  Once they make that selection, whenever they go back to the legislative calendars, the ones they selected are the ones that automatically show.

I noticed on the iPad, when I go to this web view and select the calendars I want to see, if I navigate to another area of the application and then back to the calendars - my selections are gone.

Any ideas?  Thanks!