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    Web/SQL Developer question



      Web/SQL Developer question


      I have an app designed on Windows using ASP/SQL SVR combo.

      I've been thinking about porting to Ipad and was wondering, given FMP11 and FMGO, could I redesign using FMP11, then execute using FMGO on Ipad?

      Can I create a standalone app full of menus, and other required navigation?

      I'm trying to stay away from developing using MAC native coding.

      My app allows for data collection in field for nurses, so a detached operation is fine.  Only time required to connect to 'office' would be to sync days activities/collections.

      Would appreciate feedback since I'm at the point of decision making in HW/SW purchase.


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          Mark Istvan:

          Thank you for your post.

          Your question is loaded.  FileMaker Go will allow you to run a FileMaker Pro database file on an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.  FileMaker Go does not sync.  You can connect to a FileMaker Pro database file on a server or machine with a static IP address.  If people are out in the field, you can create a script that will import the data.  If you are already familiar with FileMaker Pro, then you should read Knowledge Base Article #7733 as this discusses the differences between FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go:


          Knowledge Base Articles #7743 and #7734 discuss the behavior differences of FileMaker Go and Calcuations/Scripts, respectively:



          Finally, read the "FileMaker Go Development Guide" online at:


          Let me know if you still have any unanswered questions.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            I am hazarding a guess at what you are asking, so forgive me if I am wrong.

            There are two possibilities, first recreate your SQL solution in FileMaker Pro and also create a stand alone file for the iPhone/iPod which can sync the data (a little harder, but doable) or just import new records as needed. The second would be similar except since FileMaker Pro can interact directly with some SQL databases, so go with the first suggestion and then link the FileMaker Pro and your SQL database for syncing. Either way could be scripted in FileMaker Pro.

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              Little clarification:

              I want to 'port' an app developed in ASP/SQL to run on iphone/ipad using FMP/FMGO.  Basically, what I think I'm wanting to know is if I completely redo in FMP, creating a cmplete menuing system, with logic based on user selections, can I then 'port' it to FMGO?

              I'm not thinking about syncing, just simply 'copy' the FMP dbms to FMGO for execution, data collection, etc. then having FMGO database/file 'copied back' to FMP hosted server for loading into said database.

              Do not see it being an 'online' systemn like mine is now.  Store and forward is fine.

              Thoughts? ideas?

              I've order a FMP11 book to see what it provides short of buying a copy.  Just do not want to have to buy a Macbook Pro in order to code app for.

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                Mark Istvan:

                If you wish, our manuals are online.  Go to our web site (www.filemaker.com), select the Support drop-down tab and select "Downloads".  Under "Downloadable Resources", click on the first option "Documentation and Publications" and click on "Product Documentation".  On the next screen, you can view FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go documentation.  This may also help.

                FileMaker, Inc.