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    WebViewer Oddity


      WebViewer Oddity


      I've found a bit of a problem, for me, in the webviewer. It of course involves iTunes and Google's attempt to take over the world.

      OK, if I watch an YouTube (and thanks for the insight) I can't grab the url if I select one of the checkboard tubes offered up after the current one shows. If I am viewing a web page and click on a url link and open the new page, I can grab that page using the function below. I think it is Google messing around and I'll blog about that later.

      GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "WebViewer" ; "Source" ) will return the url of the current web page, unless it is a YouTube as described above.

      Google may be adding a hidden page since my scripts keep capturing something that sounds like one:


      YouTube - Broadcast Yourself

      Hmm, the sourcecode shows a lot of HTML5 stuff, is Filemaker WebViewer using HTML5?

      Also, does the WebViewer use Flash. I turned off all of the Flash privacy violations.

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          Jack Rodgers:

          Thank you for your post.

          The WebViewer is not a browser.  FileMaker Pro uses the built-in OS webkit (Safari for Mac OS and iOS, Internet Explorer for Windows) to display web pages in the Web Viewer.  If there is HTML 5 being used, it is coming from the built-in webkit; not FileMaker Pro.  There are definitely differences between what the webkit can display and what a browser can display.

          I have seen Flash pages in a Web Viewer, so these should display.

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