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WebViewer Problems with Go 12 and Pro 12

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Apr 14, 2012
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WebViewer Problems with Go 12 and Pro 12


The webviewer is not loading in Pro 12 and does not scroll in Go 12...

Open URL works fine, scrolls, etc.

However, too much real estate is being consumed by the top and bottom menu bars. I seem to recall a reply to my question why the headers and footers don't scroll on the iPhone as that would take up too much space, yet here...

I suppose different groups with different interface guidelines are working on different areas?

It would be nice if the top bar had a Hide The Bottom Bar button next to the looping-arrow button.

Maybe Filemaker could hire me a the Interface Czar with the authority to demand fixes for many of the legacy and newly created and soon to become legacy annoying interface bugs?