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When downloading a file from Dropbox, file name changes

Question asked by ChrisMeerveld8164 on Dec 6, 2011
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When downloading a file from Dropbox, file name changes


My order entry data base consists of  five files:  contacts, data, labels, orders and products.  The only one that changes on a daily basis is the is the "data" file.  I like to upload the data file to Dropbox both for safekeeping and to allow access from my iPad when out of the office.   However when I download the file from Dropbox to my IPad 2. It changes the name from "data" to "data-1".  Of course the four files can't find the data because of the name change.   I can tell the program what the new name is when the error message appears, but I have to do this 5 times.  On top of that, if if I switch to another program or the power save shuts off the screen, when I reconnect, it cannot find the files, and I have to back out of the program altogether and restart the whole procedure over.   The question is, can I change the file name back to "data" or prevent the name from changing when I download?.