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    When downloading a file from Dropbox, file name changes



      When downloading a file from Dropbox, file name changes


      My order entry data base consists of  five files:  contacts, data, labels, orders and products.  The only one that changes on a daily basis is the is the "data" file.  I like to upload the data file to Dropbox both for safekeeping and to allow access from my iPad when out of the office.   However when I download the file from Dropbox to my IPad 2. It changes the name from "data" to "data-1".  Of course the four files can't find the data because of the name change.   I can tell the program what the new name is when the error message appears, but I have to do this 5 times.  On top of that, if if I switch to another program or the power save shuts off the screen, when I reconnect, it cannot find the files, and I have to back out of the program altogether and restart the whole procedure over.   The question is, can I change the file name back to "data" or prevent the name from changing when I download?.

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          I THINK This is basically the problem caused by the fact that Filemaker does not really support DropBox.Each time you "open it from DBox you're opening a copy.

          And yes, it's a real bummer. The only workaround for you would be to incorporate all related tables into one DB (But see the gotchaa that follow).

          Even more confusing: If you open a file from DropBox (using "send to..")  on you iOS device, the file dwelling in DropBox is NOT the one that you'll be editing.

          I THINK that FMP opens a copy, then stores it in the great invisible iOS purgatory.This had me scratching my head too.

          So you'd still need to find a way to make sure you're working on the latest version:  email back and forth? or Always make a point of dragging back the edited file (via iTunes) to put the most recent copy on your desktop? I'm not sure how people are handling this.

          You CAN serve it from your desktop via FMNet but I'll warn you that's Quite slow..

          I imagine FMGo will soon support iCloud. But personally I'd far prefer DropBox, for reasons to complex to get into here.

          If you feel the same way You really should voice DropBox support  in the feedback area - you won't be alone.

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            The problem is that you have a file existing on your IOS device with the same name. To protect your interests Go will NOT replace the file nor will DropBox. It has been standard practice since the days of the cavement to write the file to disk but to append a suffix such as 1, or 2, or 3, etc.

            What you can do and I suggest great caution here is to DELETE the file you want to replace BEFORE asking DropBox to have Filemaker GO open the dropped file, then it will have the correct name and work with your linked files.

            Both files old.fp7 and old-2.fp7 can be seen using the File Browser by click the VERY LARGE and VERY VISIBLE button at the top of the window that everyone ignores...  :)

            Tap the button, locate the original file and swipe the name to bring up the delete button. Note, this is a very sloppy method of deleting files and can cause the accidental deletion of files so be careful. Now with the file deleted you can go to DropBox and locate your replacement file.