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when there are multiple external data source options for the host database...

Question asked by TomPingel on Apr 2, 2015
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when there are multiple external data source options for the host database...


I have a client solution that could be run in any number of different 'host' environments.

In the client, I have defined the possible hosts as 'External Data Sources'.

The client has a series of 'import record' script steps to get data from the host to initialize the client each day. If I repeat the list of references in 'External Data Sources' when specifying the file path for the import, all is good. But if and when (as is certain to happen) I need to add another to the list, I would like to simplify the maintenance and do it in as few places as possible - not in every import step - to minimize opportunities for error.

I thought if I updated the External Data Sources, copied the list,  and had a variable, say $$host, set to the list of sources, it might work. $$host would essentially be a 'Value list' and would the single 'file path' for the import records script step. I would only need to make 2 script step updates for this.

The single $$host file path entry doesn't appear to work. Should it? The attached shows a list of 4 'external data sources' for the host and what I had hoped would be sufficient for the file path specification. $$host was set to the list of the four sources.

Is there another way to make the addition of another external data source  in only one or two places when there are a number of import record script steps to be affected?


In a related question, is there a way to know which of the files in the import records script statement the system got a 'hit' on and was able to use?