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    Will Split File Solution run on Go?


      Will Split File Solution run on Go?


      I feel silly asking this question, but will a Data and a GUI file solution work on GO in single user mode.

      Can the GUI file access a remote data file, assuming the proper settings in the GUI file?


      The Data file holds all of the data tables but does not provide any interface. The GUI file has all of the scripts and layouts and accesses the Data file.

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          Yes. If I read your question correctly you are asking about a separation model setup, both UI and data on same machine. But if I remember correctly you have to set up the external data source on the desktop to a relative path, (file: filename) look for a previous post I answered about a multi-file problem on go I answered a month or so ago. If you are asking about UI on the iPhone and the data on a server, it should but I can't remember if I've never tried so I don't want you count on my answer as having been tested.