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    Wireless Label Printer Recommendations



      Wireless Label Printer Recommendations


           Is anyone using an AirPrint compatible label printer with Filemaker Go? I have a Dymo 450 Turbo that is working to print labels from FM Pro 12, but now need a wireless printer for printer to create labels from iPad in FM Go. I was looking at the Brother QL-710W…thoughts anyone??



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               This is the headache for me also.

               I needed a barcode ticket for batch traceability in a process.

               The only solution I could come up for with the iPad was,

               Lantronix xPrintServer

               StarMicronics Receipt Printer TSP143Lan (either wired or with the WIFI Pack)

               CNS Barcode App for the iPad.


               As you know Filemaker Go only uses the native iOS AirPrint in it's print function so all of the iOS certified Bluetooth printers are useless.

               By using Lantronics xPrintServer, any of the printers supported by xPrintServer are available to the iOS AirPrint function for selection during the print routine. However since iOS7 you need to manually select the print queue every time you print.

               I have a stack of Intermec PF4i which we use for self adhesive labels, but this printer is not supported by xPrintServer so my solution for this particular requirement was to create the records on  iPads and then on a workstation near by print all unprinted labels.


               If anyone has a better solution, I'd dearly like to hear about it. This is a sticky plaster approach to a fundamental core requirement in any modern business requirement  … barcode scanning, barcode generation and barcode printing from a mobile device.


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                 I am also having difficulty with my brother ql-720 label printer . I can print from FileMaker Pro on desktop, I can print from other applications on the iPad, but filemaker go 13 does not even see this AirPrint printer. This is a critical part of work flow...being able to print labels and barcodes. Does anyone have  something that is nt a cumbersome workaround?


                 because of all the filemaker 13 features promised by filemaker sales, we jumped in to deploy a system and make hardware purchases...fail.



                 this brother ql-720 printer supposedly is airprint, but does not work in Go 13 :(



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              I've finally got a solution that works. I was using a Dymo Twin Turbo, and could never get a label to print via AirPrint from an iPad. Labels were always blank. I decided to try the brother QL-710W. At first it didn't work either, but then I checked for an update to the printer that enabled AirPrint. I was instantly able to print wirelessly from FMGo 13 to the brother printer. It was really awesome to have it finally print. Huge piece of the puzzle finally fit.

              So far, I'd recommend this printer. It's doing well printing bar codes, etc.

              I set up the printer from my Mac running 10.9.2

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                The Brother RJ-4040 mobile rugged printer is also AirPrint compatible after upgrading the shipping firmware. It prints both receipts in variable lengths and labels in various sizes depending on media loaded. 


                **the RJ-4040 is the only RJ printer model that can use the AirPrint function, RJ-4030 is bluetooth and does not work.**

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                  Hi there, I was wondering if I could get some input. I too am looking for a solution to my iOS barcode printing needs. Are you using Code 39 Barcode Font within a FM field and will they print within AirPrint.


                  Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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                    We deploy a FileMaker based ERP solution using wireless printers for our iOS users.  We have quite a bit of experience with this.  Here's the help guide we deploy to our users; you can simply set it up yourself.  Make sure you have the latest firmware on the printer, you're using the latest version of FileMaker Go 14 and the latest iOS version:




                    If you require special labels that Brother doesn't offer, then you'll likely have to use the Lantronix option.  We've successfully done this as well, but is more complicated.



                    Eric Miller


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                      You should contact/ask Claus Lavendt. He is active here: https://community.filemaker.com/people/lavendt

                      He has set up some very interesting solutions printing from iOS.


                      Best regards