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    wrapping text of drop-down list / pop-up menu



      wrapping text of drop-down list / pop-up menu


      When I use drop-down list or pop-up menu the text of items dont wrapping. So the user cant choose the item, because they dont know what is that (long texts).

      How can I fix my problem?


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          a) don't use such long items in your value list. Find a way to use a shorter representation of the same data. There are several ways to enter the longer text into a value once the shorter value that represents it has been selected.

          b) don't use a value list at all. A selection portal may be set up where your data is listed in the rows of a portal where you can use a field sized two rows tall to display the data for a given item. The portal field can be set up as a button so that tapping it performs a script that enters the appropriate value into your field. To save space on your layout, such a control can be placed inside a popover.