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    Wrist Protection



      Wrist Protection


           Looking to use FMG in business as a way to capture signatures on the ipad.  Thing is, I need "wrist protection" as some of the " signers" are not tech literate and don't quite understand that they can't rest their wrist on the screen while signing.  Any way to enable/create this?

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               Thumbtacks super glued to the screen with the pointy end up?

               Has anyone tested to see how strong the screen is and if it can be broken if used in this manner? I believe it is Gorilla Glass which is fairly strong and scratch resistant.

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                 E P:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 The first suggestion by Jack Rodgers is a little extreme, but I know a graphic designer who wears gloves with open ended fingers.

                 Does anybody else have ideas?  Please try to keep it civil.

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                   If you look at iOS apps like PDF Expert, noteshelf, etc,  they have perfected this.  You can lay your wrist down on the screen and sign with a finger/stylus.  Shouldn't be too hard for FM to implement on iOS.  We already have a large signature capture screen that appears when "signature" is selected in a container field.