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[REQ] Make me a beautiful menu for FileMakerGo?

Question asked by MichaelSlane on Mar 8, 2011


[REQ] Make me a beautiful menu for FileMakerGo?




I'm not very technical but it seems like FileMakerGo could be the perfect way for my restaurant to use iPads as our menus. Would it be possible to have one computer with a very simply list / database of meals, drinks , associated pictures etc. and 10 iPads running off this? The iPads would reflect whatever changes I make in the database (weekly menu changes etc.)

I guess the most important thing is that the iPads would be for viewing only – no editing etc. Also it must be beautiful... and I’m not sure how much customisation FileMakerGo allows?

I’d happily pay someone a fair fee, say $20 per hour, for help designing something like this. PM me if interested.