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"Coffee Cupped" everytime the DB opens another DB file

Question asked by philmodjunk on Dec 10, 2014
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"Coffee Cupped" everytime the DB opens another DB file

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While I've worked with many versions of FileMaker over several decades, the new job has me working with FileMaker in a new context and I'm not sure if I'm looking at "Expected but undesirable behavior" or if there is something that can be done to improve the situation.

System description:
Hosted by FMS 13 (was hosted by FMS 12 and saw same issue).
On Windows Server using Active Directory to authenticate users
Hosted over LAN to local office, over WAN via Citrix/Terminal Server to many others and via Remote Desktop to developers like me. Issue is aparent for all 3 methods of access.
There are a very large number of files (100+), most split into GUI and Data files for each module.

Each time an external data source reference triggers the opening of another file, we see a coffee cup and have to wait 10 or more seconds before the file opens. (I've watched this in the debugger and in other contexts to confirm that it's the act of opening the file, not any script execution that is producing this delay). This performance hit is eroding user confidence in FileMaker as a viable data base application.

A possible related issue is that the Server's log is logging "Failed to authenticate" errors (not the exact wording) each time a file is opened. That may be expected for AD controlled access or it may be a clue as to why there is such a delay. (I've checked and nearly all external data source entries are simple relative path references in the format:  file:filename)

When using FMS 10 over a LAN with a less than 10 file set of files and no AD, no terminal server hosting, the same type of "file open via External Data Source reference" opened the other file near instantly.

So is this expected behavior or should I be telling my fellow IT team members that something isn't set up correctly?