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    "Could not connect to Filemaker Server" Error



      "Could not connect to Filemaker Server" Error

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      I know next to nothing about Filemaker Pro, and have been tasked with upgrading our company's Filemaker Pro from 8 to 11.

      Before we do so, I've been asked to stage a test environment, where I install 8, create a database (and enter a few entries into it) as well as 2 users, then I'm supposed to use the .fp7 file from 8 when I install 11.

      Anyways, to my point, I installed Filemaker Server, and when I try to "connect to FileMaker Server" from within Server Admin (with "Favorite Servers" selected in the 'View' dropdown), I get "Could not connect to FileMaker Server "(localhost) (".

      Now, I know that isn't the IP Address of the server where I have this installed on, so how do I modify this so the "localhost" attempts to connect to the real IP address? I've been digging around the Server Admin console, and I can't figure out how to get this thing to connect properly.

      When I choose "Local Servers" from the 'View' dropdown in the "Connect to FileMaker Server" box, it shows the hostname and address of the Production server that's currently running FileMaker Server. How it was able to find this other FileMaker instance that's on a completely different box, in a whole other portion of our domain is baffling to me.

      How do I modify this so it attempts to connect to the true IP address for the local server?  

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          Do you have a database file uploaded to the server? (Uploading a file to the server is usually done with the Server Admin Java application.)

          Is it open?

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            I ran a search on the machine for .fp7 files, and all I found were four fmserver_sample.fp7 files. 

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              Which would explain why you can't use open remote to connect to your database.

              Do you know how to launch the server admin console?

              Best way to upload your database file is to launch this java application, select "Databases" and then use the Upload action to upload your file to the server. It will not only copy your file to the correct location (file should be closed before you do this), it will then open the file for you and start hosting it across the network.

              Note that the file should first be configured for fileMaker network sharing:

              Open the file directly with Filemaker pro

              Select sharing

              Select the file in the list of currently open files

              select the "all users" option.

              If you don't do this first, the file will not be visible when you use Open Remote to select and open it remotely.

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                 I've had Filemaker Server Admin installed and open all-along. 

                When I select "Local server" from the 'View' drop-down from within the "Connect to Filemaker Server" box, the hostname and IP address for the current production Filemaker server is showing up.

                When I select "Favorite server" from that same drop-down, "(localhost)" and "" show up in the hostname and address columns.

                The only way I can get "Databases" to show up under the server name in the left pane of Server Admin, is to connect properly.  I want to "connect" to the local server, not the current production box, and that's what I'm having a hard time figuring out. 


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                  Looks like a difference in versions then. I'm using FileMaker server 10 and do not see any such option. The open databases are automatically listed and "databases" is an option listed in a pane down the left side of the server console.

                  Apologies, but  I thought you were trying to use Open remote from the client machine to find and open the hosted file. Should have read your initial post a bit more carefully.

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                     It's no problem.  I appreciate you taking the time to try to help me.  I have nowhere else to turn.  I called Filemaker, and even though we're paying for support, they won't help me with these issues since I'm currently working with 8; even though I'm going through all of this in-attempt to upgrade to 11, which we've paid for.

                    I just have to go through these steps to test before I can upgrade our Production Server to FM 11.

                    One would think they would help under the  circumstances, but no dice.  Perhaps our paid support is only for v11.

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                      Given that the problem lies with server 11 admin console and filemaker 8 file have exactly the same file strucure as 11, this makes no sense. You might even try calling and trying again, emphasizing that you can't get the admin console to work. There's no need to even mention that you have Filemaker 8 files in this case.

                      I'm also going to "nudge" someone I know in FileMaker Inc. to take a look at this thread...

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                         It's greatly appreciated.  I might do just that.  It could very-well be that I don't know what I'm doing, as well.  But thanks again.

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                          Thank you for your posts.

                          I'll have a Support Technician call you.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for some personal information so I can look at the case logged by the Support Technician to see her/his understanding.

                          FileMaker, Inc.