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"Could not connect to Filemaker Server" Error

Question asked by A.G. on Nov 17, 2011
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"Could not connect to Filemaker Server" Error

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I know next to nothing about Filemaker Pro, and have been tasked with upgrading our company's Filemaker Pro from 8 to 11.

Before we do so, I've been asked to stage a test environment, where I install 8, create a database (and enter a few entries into it) as well as 2 users, then I'm supposed to use the .fp7 file from 8 when I install 11.

Anyways, to my point, I installed Filemaker Server, and when I try to "connect to FileMaker Server" from within Server Admin (with "Favorite Servers" selected in the 'View' dropdown), I get "Could not connect to FileMaker Server "(localhost) (".

Now, I know that isn't the IP Address of the server where I have this installed on, so how do I modify this so the "localhost" attempts to connect to the real IP address? I've been digging around the Server Admin console, and I can't figure out how to get this thing to connect properly.

When I choose "Local Servers" from the 'View' dropdown in the "Connect to FileMaker Server" box, it shows the hostname and address of the Production server that's currently running FileMaker Server. How it was able to find this other FileMaker instance that's on a completely different box, in a whole other portion of our domain is baffling to me.

How do I modify this so it attempts to connect to the true IP address for the local server?