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"Do you wish to save this change with the layout?" dialog

Question asked by JonMiron on Aug 1, 2012
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"Do you wish to save this change with the layout?" dialog

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Hi all,

I've done searches and can't find an answer to this.  Up until this morning everything was fine, and then I added a new layout to a database and now every time I try to change from brose form to table form for example, I get prompted with this dialog box.  I get this message on Windows, OS X, and even on iOS.  Even tried creating a new blank database with the same result.

Before anyone asks, in Preferences -> Layout, I have tried checking off the box about auto save, as well as in Layout Setup.  The thing is I'm not even attempting to modify the layout.  I'm not even trying to modify data.  It's almost like it thinks I've made some change, but all I'm doing is switching between view modes.

The Server has also been uninstalled, including removing C:\Program Files\Filemaker and any registry entry.  After a reinstall, it still give this prompt.  Downloading the database and using it locally it works like normal.