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"There are no valid criteria" error message in IWP

Question asked by Terri on Apr 8, 2010
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"There are no valid criteria" error message in IWP

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I am using FMP 9.


For some reason the ability to do a "perform find" through IWP is no longer working for a specific field. I get the message "There are no valid criteria in this request. Type a valid request before clicking perform find."


I was able to do a perform find using this field just a week or two ago, with no problem. Nothing has changed in the field. I can do a perform find using other fields on the same layout. I have searched this forum for possible answers and haven't found any that duplicate my problem (which seems so minor compared to some of the complex issues listed here). I am looking for the FMP community to give me a handful of reasons this may occur so I can at least narrow it down. I have considered the following:


1) This field does occur 4 times on this particular layout. I have made sure all of these fields are formatted as an edit box.

2) Although there are numerous fields on this layout, there are none that overlap or fall on top of this field I am trying to use.

3) The only characters used in this field are letters, numbers and // or ---. I have used these characters before and was still able to do the perform find function.

4) Incidentally, doing a find with this field in the actual database works just peachy.


Any other ideas??


Appreciate the brainstorming.