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"use additional database folder" is not validating path

Question asked by AaronNeville on Jun 22, 2009
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"use additional database folder" is not validating path

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I'm hosting FM Server on a Windows application server. The admins require me to host the db(s) on a company share instead of locally. They have given me the UNC formatted path as "\\pcluster1\ProductSource\" to use. When I feed it the FM happy version of this path, "filewin://pclucster1/ProductSource/" it wll not validate. Also, I can confirm that this is a good path because I can connect to the share via SMB ("smb://pclucster1/ProductSource/") on my own Mac when VPN'd in. I don't think that there is any fault with the Windows/networking side of this, I think that there is something more that I am missing with respect to FM Server. Anybody work in a shared environment for this? Thanks.