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. . .no longer responding; connection closed. (51)

Question asked by FilmUser on Dec 16, 2014
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. . .no longer responding; connection closed. (51)

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Windows 7, FMP 12.0v1 and Server

I administer a data base for a large company, that is used by only one department, with 25 accounts, but usually only 8 - 12 connected at one time on average. The server is physically located in another part of the city, or possibly further away, if that matters. Most users are connected by hard wire to the network.

The title of this post (preceded by user ID info) is part of the error description in the console of something that happens to most all of us during the day, multiple times for some of us, with different privileges, including me. Sometimes the dialogue announcing our disconnection occurs after a period of work, some or all of which is lost (particularly annoying if I'm modifying a layout, and after 15 min of work, I get the message upon returning to Browse mode.)

We upgraded from FMP 5 and Server 5 last year, and frankly, version 5 was more stable regarding the server connection, it just crashed more often, especially when executing activity involving relational data.

I have spoken with the IT folks a number of times and they can't seem to find a problem, but hint at the possibility that the fault lies with FMP or Server. I pointed out to them that we are running relatively un-updated versions of both and that these updates are free, but they don't seem inclined to update. One tech has researched on the FMP site what the updaters are for and concludes that none of them will fix the problem, based on what FMP says the updaters are for.(??)

Question 1 - One thing I have done to encourage daily re-logging into the data base, is to set, in the Database Server section of configuration, Clients tab, a max idle time of 8:00 Hours, to force re-logging in every morning. I notice, though, that 1 or 2 of the clients consistently show being logged in from the day (or 2) before. How can this happen?

Question 2 - any suggestions as to the disconnection problem?