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2 FMSA12 exporting and importing data

Question asked by JesusNoSensgi on Sep 20, 2013
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2 FMSA12 exporting and importing data

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     Hi all.

     Main Problem: how to import a .fmp12 from a remote location.

     We have our main server like this: One Windows Server 2008R2 with File Maker Server Advanced 12. This server is protected and only can be accessed throw the company LAN.

     Now we need to have users to update some records throw IWA, but these users would be outside the company's network. That’s our problem, because the secure politics of the company won't allow us to connect to the server from outside unless is "controlled".

     So, we are going to rent a server with the same set up, and perform this process:

     -We need to export the records that would be updated, Import this file on the new server, by the end of the day export the records, and then import to the main server updating the changes.

     BUT I don't know how to import the file from a remote location, I mean how do I tell in the script to import from the company server, which is fiscally away from the new server. Can I give some route like filewin:/"IPaddress"/c:/"path-to-file.fmp12".

     I understand this scenario must imply the connectivity between servers (VPN I guess).

     Any Help?

     PD: I think use Dropbox would be the easiest way, but again the security politics may be a problem, so before say anything I want to know if at least is possible.