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    2 server deployment



      2 server deployment

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      I was once able to create a 2 server deployment; master and worker using Filemaker 9.  I was also able to set it up using Web Publishing on both servers.  I.E.  One server hosted my websites for external use and one server for internal use.  I like to keep them completely separated for security reasons.

      Now, I am using Server 2008 on one machine (master) and server 2003 (worker).  When I separate them into a 2 server deployment (alternate), I am capable of making the Worker machine host the websites I would like without issue.

      The master on the other hand loses all capabilities of publishing IIS content.  I really do not remember how I was able to accomplish this, only that I had succeeded after much trial and error (and using the documentation).  I would really require some assistance in getting this set up like that again.

      Thank you for your help.



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          I can find a bug report that may shed some light on this issue:  File Maker Server Advanced IWP Issue

          This is one of many acknowledged bugs that can be found in the Known Bug List here in the Report an Issue section of the forum.

          It can also be downloaded as a database file from:    http://www.4shared.com/file/8orL8apk/FMP_Bugs.html

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             This bug was reported for Filemaker 9 and 10.  I am currently running Filemaker 11 on a single subnet without any DMZ utilization.

            I was also once able to get this configuration running on FIlemaker 9, 2 server 2003 deployment.

            So, if this was flagged long ago...  Do we have any idea when this is supposed to be fixed?

            And, seeing as there is no reference to Filemaker 11 in the bug reports, is there any chance this has already been fixed and there is a procedure in roder to get thi going again?

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              This is a private citizen maintained bug list (by me). It is not official. The version info is the version info reported by someone when they posted the issue here in the forum and then a FileMaker Tech Rep confirmed that the report described a bug. If the issue is still listed as open, it's a good bet (but not a guarantee) that subsequent updates and releases did not fix the problem. The data is only as good as the people who contribute to report an issue make it.

              There were enough similarities to your post to make this worth a look (IMO) and I wondered if maybe the time you got this to work with 9 did not involve a "DMZ" and that this time around it did--which is not the case going by your last report.

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                 Good to know that it is maintained by you.  Sadly, you would think te FM people would keep a better log.

                Didn't realize that you were the one maintaining it.

                To tell the truth, I think I got it to work by "fluke".  I worked on it for several days, uninstalling and reinstalling, tweaking ad re-tweaking.  Have so many notes on the issue that overlap, I don't even truthfully know how I got to work. 

                Thank you for your help.  Didn't mean to sound rude or unappreciative.  I guess it's going to be time to go back to the drawing board and try and figure this one out.  I just find it absurd that it would have such a limitation. 

                I guess I am going to have no choice but to call them and abuse of the support contract.  If they find a solution, I will defintiely let you know. 

                Thanks again.

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                  No offense take at any point in this thread.

                  The lack of a FileMaker Inc. maintained and publically accessible bug data base is why I decided to do it myself and is why I was later asked to serve as Community Leader here (that's why I have that funky blue ribbon by my name. Wink)