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2 server deployment

Question asked by Jason1222 on Oct 12, 2011
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2 server deployment

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I was once able to create a 2 server deployment; master and worker using Filemaker 9.  I was also able to set it up using Web Publishing on both servers.  I.E.  One server hosted my websites for external use and one server for internal use.  I like to keep them completely separated for security reasons.

Now, I am using Server 2008 on one machine (master) and server 2003 (worker).  When I separate them into a 2 server deployment (alternate), I am capable of making the Worker machine host the websites I would like without issue.

The master on the other hand loses all capabilities of publishing IIS content.  I really do not remember how I was able to accomplish this, only that I had succeeded after much trial and error (and using the documentation).  I would really require some assistance in getting this set up like that again.

Thank you for your help.