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64 bit java 7 update 51 Failure

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2014
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64 bit java 7 update 51 Failure

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     I am wondering if anyone else has found this problem.  I updated the 32bit java and 64 bit java to 7v51 and I could no longer access the FM Server 13 console.  The first message to appear was that the certificate was bad and did I want to continue.  Selecting to continue, nothing happens except a blank screen.

     I had cleared the java caches and restarted not only Filemaker but the server also.  Trying to get back to where I was, I uninstalled the update to Java(64) and the problem persisted.  Only a complete removal of the server and all items installed and then a re-installation fixed the problem.

     Being slow to get the idea I tried this update two more times and the results were the same.  I would appreciate any ideas anyone would have but until I hear something I would strongly suggest NOT to update to the latest version of 64 bit java.