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    64 bit java 7 update 51 Failure



      64 bit java 7 update 51 Failure

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           I am wondering if anyone else has found this problem.  I updated the 32bit java and 64 bit java to 7v51 and I could no longer access the FM Server 13 console.  The first message to appear was that the certificate was bad and did I want to continue.  Selecting to continue, nothing happens except a blank screen.

           I had cleared the java caches and restarted not only Filemaker but the server also.  Trying to get back to where I was, I uninstalled the update to Java(64) and the problem persisted.  Only a complete removal of the server and all items installed and then a re-installation fixed the problem.

           Being slow to get the idea I tried this update two more times and the results were the same.  I would appreciate any ideas anyone would have but until I hear something I would strongly suggest NOT to update to the latest version of 64 bit java. 



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               I have seen this also on a fresh install of FMS12 on a Windows Server machine and FileMaker has seen this also: have a look at http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13070/~/unable-to-launch-filemaker-server-admin-console-and%2For-java-security-warnings

               The update solved it for me and FMS12. I am not sure about FMS13 though as it does not use Java for the console (see this post: http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/f4de39e1a3). There is a page on FileMaker and Java: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11550/kw/Console%20java  with more details.   

               The message you got seems to indicate that either an FMS12 console is started or something else is amiss as Java should not play a role in this for FMS13. Sounds like a question for FileMaker, or perhaps some more googling...


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                 This bug is a little dumbfounding.  If FM Server Console 13 does not need or use Java why would the installation of update 51 cause opening the console to fail??




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                   Just to be sure; FMS12 is not installed on the system? Has it perhaps been installed and then removed for an upgrade? If so, maybe something 'old' is still being triggered. I'd be interested to see what would happen with an entirely clean install (including Windows/OSX) although you might not want to go this way.

                   Anyway, I'd say that this is a question for the tech guys and girls from FileMaker. 

                   Jan Martin

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                     That is how this was setup.  A new hard drive was purchased and a new copy of Windows 7 Professional was installed.  Only Filemaker Server 13 was installed as an application on this drive.

                     Java was needed to run Supercontainer.

                     The confusing part (all of it is confusing to some degree) is the removal of the Java 64bit update 51 does not fix the problem.  Only a complete removal of the FM Server and all items it installs can fix it.

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                       That is confusing, although bits of Java do tend to linger around in the system even after removal. 

                       Ok, let's see if we can locate the problem some more and distinguish between FMS, Java and the Supercontainer plugin.

                       After a fresh setup; does the problem also occur when you have only the FM sample database installed? Then, what happens if you do install your own database but without the Supercontainer plugin? If the problem still does not occur; install the plugin. Starting the console should still work even if the plugin needs Java. If everything is still ok, install Java. Sometime in this process loading the console should give problems, given your current setup. 

                       If the problem seems to be located in your database and/or the plugin, maybe loading the console somehow triggers something from Java in the database and/or the plugin...


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                         Access to the database continues without any problem.  I did not know there was a problem until I tried to access the Console.  Access failed but first a message about a problem with the "certificate" of the site was displayed and when I indicated to continue nothing is displayed.  I restarted both the server and remote pc used to access the server and the same problem occurs.  I attempted to access the console locally on the server and the same problem is displayed.

                         Even after all this restarting the files remained accessible by fmnet (but not WebD).  I just could not start the console remotely or locally.  As indicated previously removing the 64bit Java completely and restarting the server did not allow access to the console.  Only a complete removal of the Server 13 and all of its pieces such as "IIS URL Rewrite Module 2" and another piece I cannot remember now worked.  It allowed me to completely reinstall the Server which reinstalled Java 64bit update 25. 

                         Liking punishment, I did this three times before leaving Java 64 at update 25.

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                           I should have also noted that during this time SuperContainer was running as a stand alone so was not loaded or running unless and until I manually started it.  I had no opportunity to start it as I attempted to check the Console first and discovered the problem.

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                             Having the same issue on a Mac 10.9.1 with FMS13 and Java51. No plugins, 16 GB RAM.

                             Admin Console starts, but the spinning wheel is all I get. Tried resetting Safari, tried Chrome. Tried launching directly on server (localhost:16000) and still no luck.

                             Here's the error:

                             HTTP Status 404 - /error/HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY.html.var

                             FileMaker Server has encountered an error:
                             The requested resource is not available.

                             If the Server Launch Page is not available, visit the FileMaker Website for more assistance.

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                               Tim, when you say this is the same issue; do you mean that prior to updating Java to version 51 you could get the console to appear? If it is not related to a Java update it is something else. In that case you could best start a new topic for the problem. You might also want to google with "FMS13 console" and the error description. 

                               David, again, can you test what happens with only the sample database installed and nothing else (preferably on a fresh install) using versions 25?As SuperContainer is a Java applet I would just like to exclude it from the 'possible causes' list…. If that does work, update Java and test again. If that still works it might be SuperContainer related, if that no longer works it has nothing to do with SC and the update seems to be the culprit. Knowing this result, it would  would probably be time to request support from the company concerned (resp. 360works or FileMaker) and issue a bug-report or something.

                               Well, I can understand if you do not feel like further testing… but if you want to know what happens here I think we should try to eliminate suspects. Establish alibis ("Where you installed when the Foul Deed was committed?"). Forensics (i.e. debugging, etc). Interrogate witnesses (issue bug reports) and what not. smiley

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                                 For me to test this I would have to be ready to go through the complete uninstall and reinstall process again which take much too much time at this point.  I am not sure what benefit that would be since the Java application is launched manually and after the first failure and reinstall cycle I never started the App.  I did talk to Supercontainer and as expected they said there is no way to interact with the program if it has not been installed to run within Filemaker or manually started.

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                                   Hello Jan,

                                   Yes, prior to Java 51 console would appear on the server, but not any more. I'm not sure it's the identical issue, but it was working and now is not. Other research has yielded results of using https instead, but still no luck connecting to the admin console either remotely or on the server itself. Basically, the result is a spinning wheel in the center of the web page and nothing else.

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                                     David, I understand that you do not like to go through the motions again. What I sometimes do in these circumstances is to make a clone of the hard disk/partition, go and test stuff and then restore the image which is way faster then installing the whole lot over and over again. Anyway, maybe it is something you could report to FileMaker explicitly (f.e. using the 'Report an Issue' on this forum). 

                                     Tim, it does sound related even though you're on a Mac and David is on Windows. Funny. I suggest that you also report this to FileMaker, maybe there are others as well experiencing this.

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                                       So I took the leap again and again had to unistall and reinstall the whole thing.  It appears to happen when a browser finds a problem with the FM Server certificate when accessing the console. My installation does not use SSL connections so why would a browser care and why would it only fail with Java 4bit update 51??

                                       I also tried this on a laptop where I installed a new copy of Windows 8 and then Server 13 and then both 32bit and 64 bit java updaters.  I was able to get beyond the "certificate" problem and on to the console but again why is the browser indicating a certificate problem when SSL is not chosen as an option?

                                       If the console is no longer tied to Java how is this certificate problem showing up with no change other than the 64bit Java upgrade???

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                                         Are you saying that the windows 8 attempt does work correctly with 7.51? 

                                         I am not sure that SSL is an issue here. FileMaker's help page for FMS12 and Java (the one in my first response: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/13070/~/unable-to-launch-filemaker-server-admin-console-and%2For-java-security-warnings) suggests that it is a change of policy from Java as update 45 only warned and now 51 indeed blocks the application. A couple of pages from Java's site confirm that and mention the change starting from 7.21: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/appsecuritydialogs.xml and http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/tech/java-code-signing-1915323.html  So I think this is this issue and not SSL or anything like that. 

                                         I can only guess as to what is happening. Maybe the console does not need Java to run, but the browser has it loaded and maybe still sees the same issue appearing even though it is not required and decides to protest anyway. I know, wild guess, but Java is apparently somehow active. The odd thing is the idea still comes up that FileMaker's certificate is not correct, not registered/trusted or something like that and that this is something for tech support from them, yet I am not sure. 

                                         If you do decide to test further (and I admire the fact that you're still doing so), maybe you can make a disk image of a fresh Windows/FMS installation just prior to adding databases, plugins and Java updates. It saves time compared to a complete installation. 

                                         I would like to suggest to post your findings in the 'Report an Issue' section of this forum, that way FM's tech support might chip in and be able to shed some light. 

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