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    A thing to sort out on FM Server trial before I purchase



      A thing to sort out on FM Server trial before I purchase

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      Filemaker Server v11 (trial) installed on dedicated Mac 10.5.8

      Filemaker Pro client 11 (purchased single license) installed on another Mac 10.6.6

      I succesfully converted 7 related .fp5 database from FM6 to FM11 (lucky I am). I am also able to share all databases with FM Server over my local network and log in to them from a FMP client. So far so good.

      Q: I want to share my (relational) databases with instant webpublishing, to give access by a webbrowser. I read Getting Started PDF, so with FMP client v11 I open one of the database from my local harddisk and try to turn on IWP, but as soon as I click on the "On" radiobutton I get a beachball and after a while this message: "Filemaker cannot share files over the web because instant web publishing could not be started."

      What now?

      Or is there no need to start IWP per each database, since I use the FM Server?

      Kind regards, Bert.

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          Bert Groeneveld:

          Thanks for posting!

          Your suspicion is correct, that area is specifically for hosting an IWP database via FileMaker Pro so there's no need to use it in this case.

          To host an Instant Web Published database with FileMaker Server Advanced, you'll need to first enable the fmiwp extended privilege for the account you want to access with.  You can do this by opening the file in FileMaker Pro and heading to File -> Manage -> Security -> Extended Privileges. In this dialog, select fmiwp and click edit to enable it for the appropriate account. Once this is done, you can upload the database to the server and access it through http://<server ip>/fmi/iwp.


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            Thank you for your answer Bear,

            I managed to do so. I am now able to share the databases over http. Three more questions however:

            1) Unfortunately it seems that a lot of functionality doesn't work in the webbrowser. I must agree that there is quite a lot of programming/scripting used in the databases. And things are rather complex. Could that be the reason why there is so much malfunction in the webbrowser? Or do I miss something here?

            2) One reason (among others) why I am so eager to bring our system to a webbrowser was that I do not have to buy so many FMP licensies (for 25 people). Now that it seems that I have so bad luck, I'm afraid I am stuck with FMP client (instead of a webbrowser). Q: Do I really need to buy 25 full licensies of FMP? Or is there some light version available? I mean, there is only one person in our organisation that will edit the system (functionality, interface, etc, etc); all other 25 people are just simple users. They only add, edit or delete records. So a full FMP client license for every person is quite an overkill of software.

            3) Don't know why, but when I look at the Admin Console under Databases now I see a green checkmark in the column "IPW" for every database. But the checkmarks in the column "Pro" are all gone. So things are a bit upside down now: I can see my databases in the webbrowser and no longer via FMP client. How can I get my checkboxes back in the column "PRO"?


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              Bert Groeneveld:

              Instant Web Publishing does have some limitations. For more information, you may want to check out the Instant Web Publishing guide which is available here:


              If purchasing full licenses for each user isn't a possibility, you may want to look into recreating your layouts and scripts to be a bit more IWP friendly.

              The check mark in the databases view of the admin console just indicates whether or not there's a database uploaded with the correct extended privilege enabled. So to get it marked againa and allow people to open the database through FileMaker Pro, you just need to follow the same instructions you followed for IWP. The only change would be to select the fmapp extended privilege instead of the fmiwp extended privilege.


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                Are you talking about FileMaker Server, or FileMaker Server Advanced?

                If the further is what you're using, you might want to study


                especially the second to last line of the table: IWP is available on Advanced only.

                In case you are using Advanced, the problem most likely is a port clash between your Mac's Apache web server and the FileMaker web server. You have two options in this case: Either stop the Mac's Apache, or assign FileMaker to another port. FileMaker has some recommendations, as they reserved an TCP/IP port at IANA for FileMaker use (a so called well-known service).

                I'm currently involved in a conversion of FM client applications to web applications, and find that IWP works nicely, but there are a few things that do not act as you are accustomed to on the client.

                Hope this helps