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Absolute Path to Images folder

Question asked by GlennBob on Feb 16, 2010
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Absolute Path to Images folder

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Is it possible to setup a container field, that shows a pictuer (album thumbnail in our case), where we can point to an absolute folder in a separate location on our server, and have the images be visible to a web user?


Most of the documentation is about using FileMaker itself as the IWP source, where the graphics are either in the WEB folder, or a referenced folder inside that.  We've been able in our test setup, hosting from the FM application to make this work, even when the folder with the covers is linked out to another server on our network.


We have been unable to find the magic combination of code, that will allow us to make this work from within the FMAS10 hosted database to work, when using IWP, and web browsers to access the database.


In our situation, we have ALL data on a drive separate from where IIS and wwwroot is located, simply because I don't believe in putting that data on the main OS drive, and thus, the drive is small in partition size.


Where we'd like to host the images, is on a secondary drive, "E".  I've created an "E/Images" folder to put all the graphics files in (there are over 6,000 of them).


In the creation of the container field, who do we configure the link to point to THAT location to pull the images from?


Any/all pointer would be VERY appreciated.


Glenn M.