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Accessing a file from FMP Server

Question asked by johnbier on Jul 31, 2009
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Accessing a file from FMP Server

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Today I successfully (I think) installed FMP Server.  I also installed FMP 10 Advanced and 3 of my 5 licenses for FMP 10 on four other computers.  I then created a simple filemaker file and uploaded it to the server.  I then successfully accessed the server's version of this file from 3 of the 4 other computers on which I have the software installed.  I can access from the user who as the FMP Advanced and from 2 of the other 3 users.  For some reason, the 4th user cannot see the file.  If I type the file name, the prompt pops up that says "Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."  I tried to call Filemaker for help and they said that because I obviously successfully installed the server and several other copies of FMP, my problem was beyond the scope of their ability to help unless I paid them for it.  This seems a bit ridiculous that I could spend over $2k for this software, have a problem with its installation and not be able to get help from them.  Oh well.  Any ideas would be appreciated.