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    Accessing a second file using IWP



      Accessing a second file using IWP

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      I am having trouble accessing and moving between 2 files in IWP.  Both files are hosted on the same server using FMSA 9, both are using an account with privilege set=[full access] and I have enabled IWP on both privilege sets.


      I was able to determine that when IWP attempts to run a script from a second file, it throws a 100 error code (

      File is missing ).  Open file command does is not web compatible.

      When I log into the server via the web I see both files... I can access both files with the same U/P via the web. 

      So how do I make the second file available via IWP?


      Here is what I have tried:

      I have 2 things I have tried and neither work.  I am trying display data from File B in file A via a portal.  Using FM client data displays.  IWP nothing displays.  

      File A says perform script x in file B
      File B says go to layout x; select window current....

      I am using FMSA 9 to host the files.... What could be going wrong?

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          Hi Kama,


          Thanks for posting!

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            So I finally figured out my issue.  VERY excited.  My issue was I was trying to use the wrong path structure for the second file.  I thought I needed to use:

             fmnet:/hostIPAddress/filename (so ex. fmnet:/ or fmnet:/ )


            When actually I needed to use:



            The confusing part is fmnet works if you are using FM client but does not work if you are using IWP.  Would be interesting to see how this would work if it would work at all if you were attempting to use multiple servers.  Or maybe my syntax for fmnet was wrong and that was the problem.

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              I have used the File:filename.fp7 format and can switch between the files. However, I am not able to pass a parameter to the second file, such as an ID#. I have tried copying into the cliboard, as a parameter in a script and try writing into the second file before running a script on the second file.


              What is a sure way to pass a parameter from File A to File B in IWP. (No problem if I use the actual FileMaker client program.)