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Accessing a second file using IWP

Question asked by Kama on Nov 11, 2008
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Accessing a second file using IWP

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I am having trouble accessing and moving between 2 files in IWP.  Both files are hosted on the same server using FMSA 9, both are using an account with privilege set=[full access] and I have enabled IWP on both privilege sets.


I was able to determine that when IWP attempts to run a script from a second file, it throws a 100 error code (

File is missing ).  Open file command does is not web compatible.

When I log into the server via the web I see both files... I can access both files with the same U/P via the web. 

So how do I make the second file available via IWP?


Here is what I have tried:

I have 2 things I have tried and neither work.  I am trying display data from File B in file A via a portal.  Using FM client data displays.  IWP nothing displays.  

File A says perform script x in file B
File B says go to layout x; select window current....

I am using FMSA 9 to host the files.... What could be going wrong?

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