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Accessing Database via IP address in web browser

Question asked by JimWilliams on Nov 14, 2013
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Accessing Database via IP address in web browser

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     Hi all,

     Would very much appreciate some technical help or fix for my ageing lack of skill to resolve.

     Classic theme database created in Filemaker Pro Advanced and successfully uploaded with Filemaker 12 Server with an intention to view via IWP... all is great so far.

     On my own PC which is in effect the server I can access the database with no problem via a web browser. I can also access via iPhone & iPad as long as I'm connected to my Wifi.

     Sadly on any other computer outside of this or when not connected to Wifi the server times out and I cannot access the IWP homepage with which to view the Database.

     This http://XXX.XXX.X.X/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html is what gets me into the database on my own PC.

     Even if I put :80 before /fmi makes no difference.

     I've also forwarded the port 80 as HTTP through my router just in case it was blocking it but with still no joy!

     Thanks for any offering of assistance.