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Accessing databases over web

Question asked by REM64 on Jul 4, 2011
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Accessing databases over web

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Hi All, We have a windows2008/64bit Filemaker 10 advanced server that has been in production for about a year. When we installed Filemaker 10 server at the time we did not enable web publishing as we were thinking we would not have a need for anyone accessing our databases over the web. Now we do have that need. So, I installed IIS7 and copied all folders from the Filemaker "web publishing" folder to the inetpub wwwroot folder as the Filemaker documentation notes and then enabled web publishing and turned on iwp.  But, this is as far as the documentation takes me. I cannot get the web publishing function working because I cannot get this to like the iis site. Also, the iwp folder has nothing in it (should there be?). I'm at a loss how to get this working. Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone who has got this working with iis would be appreciated. Thanks, Bob