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Accessing dbs from another (IWP) machine

Question asked by AdrianGorman on Aug 21, 2010
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Accessing dbs from another (IWP) machine

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I have moved over to trying FMS Adv 11 (from learning how to use FMPA) and am struggling a bit.

To trial FMSA 11 I have installed it om my spare laptop (hi spec , Win7) and I think I have followed the instructions okay. IWP is activated and I have uploaded a test db to the server.

when testing, I can access the IWP default home page and can see and open the db via my laptop browser (host machine), - but when I try to access it from another PC browser (as I did with FMPA IWP) it is not found. I have the correct IP addresses for the laptop and have also tried using the :port number after the IP address.

I thought that it may be fairly straightforward to use FMS with IWP to allow more than 5 persons to access the db, but maybe I have bitten off more than I can chew !

All works well on all networks with just FMPA / IWP

Any help will be appriciated (as it was when helped with FMPA)



UPDATE: Think I managed to sort it - I turned off windows firewall (thought that the firewall on my router would be good enough) and everything locally seems to work.

I wonder if someone would mind testing it for me from outside my network.