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Adding files to container performance issue

Question asked by DavidS on Jul 21, 2014
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Adding files to container performance issue

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     I have recently installed Filemaker 13 server (With Filemaker 13 advanced)


     On the 1ste configuration i used filemaker (3 users 1 host 2 clients) without filemaker server, and if i added files to a container in the take about a second to add the file

     Now the problem is! When i hosted the database with filemaker server, adding the container files to the database take a much longer time to add? Sometimes 20 seconds (or longer)...or not at all (one time happend)

     Why is it so slow now, when i used Filemaker this een port problem? I only opend the port 5003 and 16000 for the console.

     The containers are externally saved in the file map C:\ProgramFiles\Filemaker\Filemaker Server\Data\Databases\(Here is my database.fmp13\RC_Data_FMS\Name of the map where the files located\

     The problem is not that the files are not stored (only happend one time that it doesnt works)..butt the only problem is why it takes so long to add files (different file types) in a container...and why this only happens when i used Filemaker Server 13 as a Host?