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Additional Database Folder Syntax

Question asked by littledrummerboy on Oct 13, 2009
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Additional Database Folder Syntax

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Greetings All,


FileMaker Server

Mac OS X v 10.6.1


I have this new Snow Leopard Server with (3) 1TB hard drives and (1) SSD drive.  FileMaker Server ahs been installed on the SSD drive which also contains the OS  The first (2) 1TB drives are RAID 1 mirrored to create the HD named 'xServe RAID 1TB' - this is where I want to point the additional database data folder for FileMaker Server.  I have created the same directory structure as the current drive (with the same rights) I have tried every syntax in this field, but it constantly tells me it's invalid when I try to validate.  Here is what I have tried.  Any suggestions?


/Volumes/xServe RAID 1TB

/Volumes/xServe RAID 1TB/Data/Database/

filemac:/Volumes/xServe RAID 1TB/Data/Database/


Thanks in advance,