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    Admin Console Connection Error



      Admin Console Connection Error

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      My Filemaker Server 9 quits after you try to access any info about the databases it is hosting or the clients

      atteched to the server. Not sure why. I am running the FM 9 on a Mac Server using 10.5.7. The client machines are all 10.5.7

      as well. I am trying to upload a new database. The server seems to be functioning because I can still access them databases from the client machines. What is going on. I am running the latest Filemaker Version 9 server Program with the SSL Patch. Thanks for the help in advance. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          If users are able to access the hosted databases from the client machines, then FileMaker Server is running.  However, it sounds like the Admin Console has stopped working, since that is used to access the server.


          FileMaker Server 9 requires Java release 6 update 7 to run the Admin Console.  If you are using a later release of Java, then you will encounter problems.


          Unfortunately, once Java is installed on Mac OS, it cannot be uninstalled easily.  Luckily, one of our forum members took the time to document how to get around this.  Please see:





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               Thanks for the reply. I did recently download a Java update. It was the Java for 10.5 update 4. I will look at the info regarding the issue you gave me. I hope it will help. If not then I will post another reply here.
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                 Thanks  TSGal the link you provided did correct my problem - I want to add that for me, I had to do the 'open with' selection to the java console app on each machine that I use to connect with my FMServer.  I did the Server first and my desktop and laptop later.