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Admin Console Disappeared can't stop server

Question asked by mjboyce on Aug 27, 2009
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Admin Console Disappeared can't stop server

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I removed Filemaker Server 8 properly. I installed Filemaker Server 10 Advanced properly. It was working fine. Then I searched for an update. I quit FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro. I forgot to stop the server, including the webserver. I started the update. The update requested that I stop the server. I looked for the Admin Console icon on the dock and it had transformed into a Java app icon. I clicked it. (I know, I know) Terminal opened and spooled a command. I closed Terminal. (I know, I know) I looked in the application folder for the Admin Console. Nothing. I searched for information on how to stop the servers manually, using Terminal. Nothing. Found something related to FileMaker Server 9. Tried it in Terminal. Failed to stop servers. I seem to recall somewhere seeing instructions on how to stop the Daemon and help server using Terminal (command line). But cannot find it. 




System = Mac OS 10.5.8

Mac G5 4 gig RAM