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    Admin Console does not list databases or clients



      Admin Console does not list databases or clients

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      This issue is driving me batty. We have a FileMaker Server Advanced 9 with the latest patche applied running on a Win2003 Server over VMWare. The Admin Console consistently stops to list databases or clients after working just fine for a while.


      Anyone have any insights into the problem? Why would Admin Console go deaf?

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          Hi ernestkoe,

          Thanks for posting.


          The only times I have come across this issue is if there was an problem with the Admin Console (fixed by an un/re-install) or the particular database.


          What is the benchmark of the databases not being listed?  Also, how many of the databases are not showing if not all?

          I would start by creating a compact copy of the databases and re-hosting them and see if these databases pass the benchmark.  Also, it may be beneficial to do an un/re-install of the Server software.


          Let me know how it works out.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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               I have the same problem here:  FMS9.0.3.326.  Db's are working - meaning clients are connecting, but the Admin Console shows no clients connected.  Win2003.  When I re-installed the server to redeploy as a "single machine", then the clients started showing up again.  A few days went by and I checked today, and no clients - even thought I am connected to the db.  Also, when I check, the db paths showed as invalid, and then when I check on the db list - it was empty.  So now I don't have any db's or clients listed.  Yet it's working.
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                 Hello All,

              One thing you may want to check is that all the ports required for FileMaker Server are open for connection.

              You can find full list of ports and their purpose in Knowledge Base Article 6427: link

              To test if a port is open in the Mac OS:

              1. Go to Mac HD > Applications > Utilities > Network Utility
              2. Click the Port Scan Tab
              3. Enter the your IP address and only test ports between 16000 and 16018
              4. The results of the port scan should show something similar to this:

              Port Scan has started ...

              Port Scanning host:

                   Open TCP Port:     16000
                   Open TCP Port:     16001
                   Open TCP Port:     16012
                   Open TCP Port:     16016
                   Open TCP Port:     16018
              Port Scan has completed ...

              If it does not show Open TCP Port for all of the ports listed in the article, then the port may be closed. If you can reply back with what ports are not showing up we can troubleshoot from there.

              To test if a port is open on Windows:

              1. Go to the Start Menu > Run > type: "CMD" without quotes ; A command prompt window should now be open
              2. Type the following: "telnet your_ip_address 16000" without quotes.
              3. If a blank telnet window comes up, the port is open. If you receive an error that it could not connect then the port is blocked
              4. You will need to repeat step 2 but replace 16000 with each of the ports listed in the knowledge base article further up in my post. (one port at a time)

              You may also want to check if there is a proxy server on your network, as all of Server's ports will need to be added as exclusions to the proxy server.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Also check wich Java Enviorment is installed on the server machine. For windows and FMS9 I belive that all java versions above 6.7 will cause Admin Console to fail.


                Should be the same on MacOS I guess?

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                  Hello KalleSamualsson,


                  Also an excellent troubleshooting step, anything over Java 6 Update 7 will cause problems with the admin console.


                  This is true for both Mac and PC.




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                       When will the Java version problem be resolved?
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                      Some users seem to run fine with the latest Java version.  The problem is that we thoroughly tested with Jave 6 update 7, and those users who do have problems, we ask them to revert to Java 6 update 7, and it then works.  There is obviously a conflict with the more recent releases, and the information has been reported to Development and Testing, and if any additional information becomes available, I will let everyone know. 



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                         I am having the same problem with version here. I have several machines where the Admin console does not show clients or hosted databases. The databases are functioning fine, but the Admin console is completely useless. 


                        I've gone so far as to not update one machine with JAVA updates, keeping it at version recommended here and in other articles.


                        I need an answer for this issue. It simply amazes me that people (ie FILEMAKER CUSTOMERS) have been begging for a fix for a LONG time, and we get nothing. 


                        Why not just fix the problem??



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                          This is one of those problems that we cannot duplicate, yet we know it is happening because users are reporting the error.  If we ever find the cause of this problem, we would fix it.  Interestingly, almost all of these problems with Admin Console are occurring on Windows machines.


                          If none of the above posts help (ports, java, uninstall/reinstall, etc.), then see if another machine available for testing purposes and install FileMaker Server.  If this works and you are able to determine the differences between the testing machine and production machine, please let us know.



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                            Hi, after upgrading our FM server( to OSX 10.5.8 we experience the same issues.

                            We also experience that backup statistics are not updated. Backups are running fine.

                            How does the java admin client get's its data from the DB engine ? (statistics files ??)

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                              Thank you for your post.


                              Whenever you update the OS, FileMaker also needs to be reset.  Therefore, uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Server 9.  In addition, make sure the Java Preferences is set to use Java 6 update 7.  Later versions will not work with FileMaker Server 9.



                              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                                Hi TSGal,


                                This is not a nice solutions, we are running the server as an app/web server for a client and compiled a special php version with many more libs than standard. Reinstall is our last choice, but if it fix the problem it leaves us no other option.


                                Thanks, Richard

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                                  I had this same problem.  The fmsadmin would connect, but then would report the database server was unavailable.  But the databases were all working just fine.


                                  I tried rebooting, clearing the java cache files, rebooting again, checking ports, etc.  What was really bugging me is that I have 2 identitcal (version wise) servers, and only one was messing up.So, I knew it couldn't be a config thing - had to be some kind of weirdness.


                                  I just spent hours looking for a solution other than re-install.  Finally I rebooted without network (I unplugged the ethernet cable) and all was well - the fmsadmin warned that the only interface available was localhost - whatever, that's what I wanted, and it did indeed work.  I shut down, plugged in ethernet, rebooted, and all is still well.


                                  So, somehow part of the fmsadmin was confused about where to find the server...  Not the half that authenticated me, but the half that does the actual work...



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                                    We solved our issue, it seem to be something stupid: We did run the software update from Apple and during 10.5.8 update it seems that we skipped some java updates. We updated the complete machine with apple's software update (also all java updates). And after that we run Diskutitilty to check and correct the HD. After that we did a complete shutdown of the system and a cold boot. After that we where able to connect to the admin tool and see and manage all DB and clients again.


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