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Admin console fails to launch or connect

Question asked by Kj on Jun 24, 2013
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Admin console fails to launch or connect

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     - Filemaker 12 server running on a os X.6.8 server. Took updates this am (old updates). Server is up and running.

     I use the admin console from my mac OS.7.5. After the update, I could not use the admin console. It says it is unable to launch. If I try to start the admin console anew by typing ip Address:16000 it says Safari cannot connec to the server.

     I took all updates on my X.7 mac. I took the latest Java update. 

     I CAN connect to the server via Filemaker, Admin tools and remote desktop. I have used rempote desktop to repair permissions and restart the server.

     The Filemaker admin console does not launch!

     Please help!