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    admin console FM10 server



      admin console FM10 server

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      I've installed fm10 server from  fm9 server .

      Until two days ago  was possible to connect to admin server .

      From today  is no possible anymore  any connection.

      I tryed  to connect with  differents  machines restart the server but  no results.

      No results also if  i want to connect directly from my server machine the answer is always the same  "is no possible to  make a connection  to admin server" or "the  connection is not possible (from te  server machine???)".

      thank you in advance for sending to me some help


      Malo from Italy

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          Hi Malo,

          Thanks for posting.


          Just to verify, which Operating System are you running FileMaker Server 10?  


          In the meantime, the first thing I would do is make sure that you are running at maximum Java 6 release 7.




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