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Admin Console Has Errors.

Question asked by robertgosney on Dec 8, 2008
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Admin Console Has Errors.

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Good Day.


The question below never got looked at or answered as I suppose no one knew what the issue might be, just as I didn't. 


Interestingly, I discovered that the Console will not function if you allow java to upgrade beyound version 7.  Our server had done an auto-upgrade from Version 7 to Version 11 and it no longer functioned.   


If this information had been sent out by Filemaker, I wish I had read it, if it hadn't, I surely wish that had.   It seems that the Tech Support folks knew about it and really weren't saying much on the subject.


Please share this with all the Filemaker Server Users you know who are running a Windows Server as a Filemaker Platform.   


This gave me a start, and I really wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, let alone another developer or SysAdmin.


Merry Christmas all!





Good Morning All.


Today when I went to open the administration console on the server, after it presented the normal opening screen I always see, when I went to click on the Databases (or any option at all I found out later) I got a popup message that said "unknown error has caused program to fail".


Restarting the Service or Restarting the Server does not appear to correct this issue.  I have not installed any recent updates to my windows 2003 server or to (God Forbid) the Filemaker Server Program.


Anyone else ever hit this bump in the road before?  


The clients can connect and use the database's, but if I can't add new ones or do anything with the server itself, I can see where this MIGHT be a problem down the road.



LATE NOTE: I uninstalled and reinstalled Filemaker Server, and NOW it will not even enter the final steps of the installation.  It hangs up and will not complete.   Time to get on the Phone with Tech Support and call in the Cavalry. 




Bob Gosney