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    Admin Console never starts



      Admin Console never starts

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           After installing FileMaker Server Advanced 12 on a MacMini running OS X 10.8.5, I open the Admin Console using this URL:


           It gives a message saying it will open shortly, with a link to manually open in case it didn't automatically. Whether I wait for a while, or I press the link, I always end up at the same page.

           I perform this on Safari 6.0.5 and JRE 7u40.

           I'm very new to FileMaker Server, so I would be grateful if I find an answer to this issue.


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               I have the same system specs and the same problem (my Mac Mini is running 10.8.5 Server). I can't get the console page to load. I have the Mountain Lion adaptive firewall turned off, so I assume that's not the problem.

               I also tried installing a trial version of Filemaker 10 Advanced Server, but the console page doesn't load on that either.


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            Paula Mamdouh & Bill Eben:

                 Thank you for the post and reply.


                 I am able to launch the FileMaker Server 12 (Advanced) Admin Console on Mac OS X 10.8.5 with Java 7 Update 40.


                 If the FileMaker Server Start Page is not loading, then first test to see if Java is working: 


            How do I test whether Java is working on my computer?


                 If the FileMaker Server Start Page loads, then do you see any indication that a Java applet is being downloaded? 


                 Note: In Safari choose View > Show Downloads. 

                 Do you see any .jnlp files? If yes, then does a double-click launch the applet?


            Mac OS X's Gatekeeper feature can block applications.


                 Lastly, browser security settings may vary, could you try another web browser (FireFox, Chrome) to see if the results are the same?



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                   I contacted Filemaker support and got it working. The key was to clear out the Java cache before launching.

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                     Thanks @Bill Eben, I've tried clearing Java cache, but it didn't work either.

                     I've followed the suggestion to use a different browser as @TSFalcon suggested. Chrome didn't work at all, since it doesn't support Java (for some reason!). I ended up with FireFox, and it worked fine just as expected.