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admin console not showing connected clients, not updating

Question asked by cresal on Apr 1, 2014
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admin console not showing connected clients, not updating

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     I'm having trouble with the admin console. I can log in, but the databases and clients aren't current. It does not show a newly-added file to the database folder (although it shows the ones that had been there already), and it shows 0 clients connected to an open database even when there are actually multiple people connected. Additionally, I can't seem to make any changes. Opening or closing a selected database (or all) does nothing. Nothing happens at all when I select the option from the dropdown. Thankfully the clients are having no trouble at all connecting and interacting with the databases.

     It also shows the daily backup schedule as "running", with the next run scheduled for 3/27/14 (several days ago)

     It shows another daily script as "ok" and next run scheduled for 3/28/14, but I know that it ran properly today and yesterday. 

     So it looks like the admin console is "stuck". I've tried connecting from both a computer on the network and on the server itself, showing the same things. 

     The weird thing is that the status screen shows "authentication failed" notices for today when someone forgot their password and couldn't get in, so that appears to be updating properly.