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Admin console not start in FMS9

Question asked by Clod on Dec 9, 2009
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Admin console not start in FMS9

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I installed on a computer and the new FileMaker Server 9 admin console will not start.Below, after a while ', I see an "agent of distribution" but nothing happens and remains so.I installed the latest version of Java and the operating system is Windows XP Professional SP3.

When I run from the desktop, Internet Explorer tells me it has blocked something but I permits and the procedure goes, only when "distribution assistant" nothing happens. 

I uninstalled FMS9, I uninstalled and reinstalled java, does not solve anything ... The only thing I installed IIS was missing ... What should I do? Many have suggested that I format but being a corporate server, not really. 

What can I do? I want to keep the formatting as a last resort ...