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Admin console problem

Question asked by kvalley_1 on Oct 10, 2009
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Admin console problem

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I have some files on a FMServer 10v2 with a program to save the databases every hours. But sometimes i see the "saving process" is always "in occured" mode since some hours and the only solution i got is to break the service but it will crash the bases, so i want to try to save the databases from a remote Admin console client. But when i make the program to save it, i can't find the syntax to make the target folder i'ved try this : 


since a pc :

filewin:/mypc/targetfolder/   but it can't valid the folder

since a mac:

filemac:/MyMac/folder/   and it don't works too.


So can somebody help me to save my database from a remote client (via Admin Console) ?