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    Admin console problem



      Admin console problem

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      I have some files on a FMServer 10v2 with a program to save the databases every hours. But sometimes i see the "saving process" is always "in occured" mode since some hours and the only solution i got is to break the service but it will crash the bases, so i want to try to save the databases from a remote Admin console client. But when i make the program to save it, i can't find the syntax to make the target folder i'ved try this : 


      since a pc :

      filewin:/mypc/targetfolder/   but it can't valid the folder

      since a mac:

      filemac:/MyMac/folder/   and it don't works too.


      So can somebody help me to save my database from a remote client (via Admin Console) ? 



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             I assume by "save" you mean a scheduled backup of your files. FMS 10 does not permit you to back up copies to any hard drive external to the server machine. Instead you have to back up the file to a local folder and then use other software to copy the files to a remote volume.