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Admin Console Schedule Issues

Question asked by carmenm on Mar 15, 2012


Admin Console Schedule Issues

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I cannot create new System Script Schedules.  When I try to create a new system script schedule, the dropdown to select the batch files in my scripts directory is empty. The account info I enter to run the script under is tested and valid. I do have several System Scripts enabled, which I created in the past, that continue to run just fine.

I have noticed that under Database Server, Default Folders, the Database Folders and Backup Folder both say "Not a valid path". However, our databases are hosted and continue to be backed up on schedule. I am unable to type anything in these path boxes so I couldn't fix it even if I wanted to.

The Admin Console had stopped updating after some server issues and a server restart a few weeks back. I had to ask our admin to restart the server console via the command line. Since then I was able to edit one of my system schedules, but no longer. I'm not exactly sure when it quit working.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: The day after the above problem, I did not receive email notification that any of my schedules ran, though I know they did because backup files and logs and last modified fields were updated.  But, the schedule portion of the Admin console is pretty much frozen in time. I already had our server support person restart the admin console by command line once a couple of weeks ago for this exact issue. But, I would much rather address the root of the problem.