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Admin console still wont load FMS 10v2

Question asked by Blueworld4 on Sep 11, 2009
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Admin console still wont load FMS 10v2

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I have done numerous installs and reinstalls on a clean OS 10.6 Server running on Xserve.  I get to the launch page and it just hangs.  "Please wait while the Admin Server starts".  I've re-installed the system once but no joy!!


It seems like its just not triggering Java.


Is there a way to miss out this part and start the server in the terminal?  We have all our quality systems integrated with Filemaker databases and although I have it running on my 10.5 Xserve I would have to do a massive re-write to run Filemaker seperate from our AFP server.


In short everything is running perfectly on 10.6, which is a major step for collaboration services! FMS will install but won't further than the launch page.  It's really frustrating, especially as this is current Apple hardware/OS software and an Apple owned database solution.


Effectively if you buy new, it won't run.


Specs are 2.8Ghz Quad Intel Xeon Xserve 2gb memory, 3TB Storage available

OS X 10.6.1 Server




Any help?