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    Admin Console unable to stop database



      Admin Console unable to stop database

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      We have FileMaker Server version running, and I am using the FileMaker Server Admin Console java app to control it (as the Server is not running on my computer).  In the past everything has worked smoothly, and I have been able to stop/start the database server at will, etc.  Now all of a sudden, when I try to stop the server, I get the error message "Error encountered trying to shutdown Database Server".  I know it's vague, but that's all it tells me.  I can still access the database just fine from FMP, I just can't stop it from the Admin Console.  Any ideas about what might have changed that causes me to get this error?

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          (ok, i dont have a solution, only questions)


          Which kind of operating system is it running on? Mac OS or Windows?

          If windows, can you use the service control (services.msc) to start / stop filemaker server (should be used as "emergency exit" only!)? Or gives this again an error message? Have a look at the system log (eventvwr.msc), in the application messages. Any hints there?


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            Thank you for your post.


            Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine what are the possible causes without looking at the machine.  However, some users have updated their Java versions to a more recent release, and FileMaker is only certified with Java 6 update 7.  This has caused some similar problems.


            Also, remove Admin Console, and then create a new Admin Console, just in case the old one became corrupt.


            When you look at the error logs, is any information helpful?


            I'm sorry I can't be more definitive, but there are several factors that could cause it.  These are ones that immediately come to mind.  If you are still having difficulty, please let me know. 



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              I'm haivng the same issues. This was happening every once in a while, but the server is soooo buggy that I just thought it was one of its "features"(considering it costs over 3 grand it would be more stable). But now I cant even get it to start! Have unistalled and installed and nothing!


              There are no errors in the logs as well.


              Windows 2003 R2(32bit)

              1024 of ram

              Java 6 update 7


              I have tried also on these systems:


              Windows 2003 R2(64bit)- Same deal after a while just goes haywire 

              Windows 2008 (64bit) Does not work at all


              Any ideas?

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                Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


                Which version of FileMaker Server are you using?


                Depending on the version of FileMaker Server, you should be able to run on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.


                I know it has been more than two months since your post, so if you have found a solution, please post here so others can benefit from your actions. 



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