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    Admin Console very slow after upgrading to FMS



      Admin Console very slow after upgrading to FMS

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           After upgrading to FMS running on a Windows 2012 Server, the performance of the Admin Console is very slow.  The speed of the hosted databases does not seem to be effected.

           The Admin Console opens right away to the Status page, but when I click on any of the "gear" icons to view clients or databases, it takes one or two minutes to complete.  In the case of viewing databases, the same occurs when I try to scroll down to view more databases.

           I have tried running the Admin Console on both my MacBook Pro with Safari and a Windows 7 PC using Internet Explorer and get the same behavior.

           On my MacBook, I am running Java 8 Update 11 and OS X 10.9.4.  On the Windows 7 computer I had Jave 7 Update 45 installed, but updated that to the latest Java 8 Update 11 (64-bit) and still see the same slow behavior.  On both systems I get a little box in the upper right with a spinning "wait" icon that changes colors from green, to yellow and then to red.  After sitting for a long time (2-3 minutes) the Admin Console page finally goes to where it should and the little "wait" box goes away.

           Any ideas what could be causing this or how to fix it?


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               I'm seeing this too on a Windows 2008 Server and I can't see what's different to other W2K8 Servers we manage running FileMaker Server 13.03.300.

               One difference from the reported issue is that the FileMaker Server Admin Console will time-out after a few minutes rather than showing the page or function that was selected.

               When first installed, performance was great. A few days later the red spinner showed it was unusable. I recently uninstalled and re-installed and it was great again only for the first day. After that, no good.

               The time of day doesn't seem to make any difference as performance is also poor after business hours. Accessing the FileMaker Server Admin Console with Internet Explorer or Chrome doesn't show any difference.

               'Not sure where to go from here.


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                 Landy Atkinson:

                 Thank you for your post.

                 I have replied to your similar posting at:

            Admin Console very slow after upgrade to FMS

                 Again, we have tested FileMaker Server 13 with Windows Server 2012 Standard; not R2.  Also, we tested and certified FileMaker Server 13 with Java 7; not Java 8.

                 Therefore, try rolling back to Java 7 (update 60 is fine).  If the issue still occurs, locate another Windows Server machine that is either Server 2008 R2 or Server 2012 Standard, and install FileMaker Server.

                 For more information about the Technical Specifications for FileMaker Server 13, see:


                 Rob Russell

                 Thank you for your post.

                 Assuming you are running Windows Server 2008 R2 and Java 7, there is something else occurring on your system that is causing FileMaker Server Admin Console is timing out.  Are you referencing  any External SQL Data Sources?  Do you have any plug-ins installed?  Is there anything else running on the server?  Any virus protection?

                 If you want, send in a sysinfo and msinfo32 files so I can look them over and determine possible causes for the performance.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the files.

                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Thanks TSGal,

                   You are correct: "Assuming you are running Windows Server 2008 R2 and Java 7"

                   I will dig up the sys info and msinfo32 files for you.





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                     Have emailed you the info files you requested.

                     I agree that there is something stopping the html requests going through. We are not referencing any External SQL data sources. We are using 1 plug-in (IDMA), however we are using this elsewhere. hmmmm....



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                       Rob Russell:

                       I received the files.  Thank you.

                       TSFalcon took time to look over your files and noticed the following third-party applications on your server:

                       Terminal Services
                       FM Backup Manager
                       Backup Manager
                       Storage Craft
                       Team Viewer
                       GFI LanGuard 11 Attendant Service
                       Advanced Monitoring Agent
                       Fuji Xerox SolutionBuilder
                       PDF architecture

                       There were more listed, but those were the applications that stood out the most.  Remember that FileMaker Server is to be run on a dedicated server.

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         Thanks for that. yes, there are other services there. A couple of notes on some:

                    •           FM Backup Manager is simply brilliant and should be integrated into FileMaker Server :)  www.fmbackupmanager.idma.co.nz We have it running on, so far, between two and three dozen FileMaker Servers and all of the other machines have gone from requiring maintenance every week or two to not requiring maintenance at all. It is really that good.
                    •           TeamViewer - we use that in most installations and is how we log into these machines. Works a treat.
                    •           Xerox Solution Builder - is what we use to have FileMaker Server automatically load scans into FileMaker databases. It's specifically designed around FileMaker and doesn't communicate on any of the same ports
                    •           Terminal Services: alas - our recommendation to the charity that owns this server is to not run this. Bummer. We have other clients that also run TS (against our recommendations) and they don't have this issue. These are charities and they don't have bucket loads of money so we can tell them the recommendations until we are blue in the face, so if we want them to use FileMaker, we have to find a way to fit in

                         I will chat with the IT staff about Advanced monitoring agent, Storage Craft and LanGuard to see if we can determine how these tools work.

                         Ultimately, we may have to roll them back to FileMaker Server 12 (which worked fine for 18 months) and put up with the Java issues. :(