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Admin Console will not list clients or validate backup paths

Question asked by WillD on Nov 12, 2009
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Admin Console will not list clients or validate backup paths

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I've recently installed FileMaker Server on a Windows 2008 SP2 server.  Last night, when I put the server in production, I was able to view the clients connected as well as create scheduled backups and validate their backup paths.  I also manually ran a scheduled backup last night to ensure everything was working correctly.  When I came in this morning (8AM), I opened the Java based Admin Console to make sure that the backups ran and noticed that the only backup with anything in the status field was the one I ran manually last night at 7.  There was one scheduled to be ran at 11PM and one that runs every 3 hours starting at 8AM that didn't have a status or a completed time listed.  I checked the destination folder for the backups and it looks as if the backup for 11PM did run, but nothing for the one that should have started at 8AM.  I also checked the Log Viewer in the Admin Console and the last entry listed is "11-12-09  0800    Schedule 3Hour running".  The other odd thing I've noticed is that the Admin Console is not displaying any of the clients that are connected to the databases.  I did confirm that the database server itself is operating correctly, and the databases are listed properly in the Admin Console.  One other thing that I failed to mention earlier is the fact that now the Admin Console says that all of the backup paths are invalid and refuses to validate anything that is entered as the path.


In reading some of the posts in the Forums here, I believe that the backup job at 8AM hung and is causing the issues with the Admin Console.  So I wondering if there is a way to stop the hung backup job and restart the fmadminserver.exe process running on the server without interrupting peoples access to the databases.  Restarting the entire FM Server seems to be a pretty drastic move and not an option for me at this point because of our need to access the database files.



Will D