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Advanced Server 10.x IWP Publishing

Question asked by piusfelix on Oct 22, 2009
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Advanced Server 10.x IWP Publishing

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This might sound like dumb question, but...


I have published a database to my FMP Advanced Server and can access it from an

FMP 10 client.  I have IWP enabled on the file and also on the server.


I would like to access this file from a web browser from the FMP Server using IWP.

The application being developed will be published exxclusively this way and I need to

test it.


How do I do this?  I know if I have IWP enabled on the FMP Client I can set a port

number and then browse to it, no worries.  But since I have it hosted on the server

if I browse to the address of the server I just get the IIS welcome screen.


Any help would be appreciated.