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           Is it possible to have a sript where when used it would change out a certain field with another field?  I have a report layout which uses certain calculation fields, but for certain items within that report, I'd like to be able to use an alt number, in another field.  Instead of going through and changing the number used in the current report, I'd like to just hit button and have that field be switched to another already populated alt field.

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               You can set up a calculation field with the If or Case functions to do this.

               Set them to reference a global field or global variable in their boolean expressions in order to refer to different fields:

               If ( Globals::gFieldSelector = 1 ; Field1 ; Field2 )

               Case ( Globals::gfieldSelector = 1 ; field1 ;
                          Globals::gFieldSelector = 2 ; field2 ;
                          Globals::gFieldSelector = 3 ; Field 3 )

               The Choose function can also be used.

               You can also put the "table::name" of a field into a field or variable and use the getField function to access the contents of the named field.